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PP Bubble Printing Sheets

BubbleFine Print Guard Protection Sheets is manufactured from strong honeycomb polypropylene structure to provide long lasting protection for various surfaces like windows, doors, stairs, walls and doors. Lightweight and strong, these BubbleFine Print Guard Protection Sheets are tear, puncture and impact-resistant. They can be cut, curved and creased to any surface offering complete surface protection for a variety of applications during refurbishment, building and construction projects.

The 6 ply sandwiched structure with a unique circular honeycomb core (provides cushioning) and multiple layers of that polypropylene make these BubbleFine Print Guard Protection Sheets durable and reusable multiple times. Unlike plywood, OSB and hardboard, BubbleFine Print Guard sheet is not affected by moisture and does not warp over time.

Key Benefits

Quick & easy to use

Reusable multiple times

Easy to apply – No special labour required

High impact resistance

Keeps workspace clean and tidy


Time and cost saving

Easy to cut to size

PP Bubble Printing Sheet › Salitent Features

  • Best Suited For
  • Onsite Floor Protection
  • Protection of tiles/marble during material transit
  • Sizes Available
  • 6.5' x 4'
  • 6' x 4'
  • Variants Available
  • 200 GSM
  • 250 GSM
  • 350 GSM
  • 500 GSM
  • Colours Available
  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Brown
Added benefits over conventational floor protection
Attributes BubbleFine PrintGUARD POP Foam Rolls
Installation Cost Zero. Easy to apply. Reusable Expensive. Skilled labour required Expensive. Regularly need to replace
Installation Time Fast. Site is ready to use immediately Slow. Site takes minimum 5 hours to be ready. Slow. Uneven surface needs extra time for installation
Protection Offered High Impact Resistance Cracks and exposes flooring Flattens out over time and loses effectiveness
Liquid Protection PrintGUARD is 100% water proof. Very Low Low. Foam can absorb water
Site Condition Dry, clean and safe for work Wet & Messy Slippery and uneven surface
Durability Highly durable Low Very low durability
Reusability Can be re-used multiple times One time application Low re-usability